*blares music*



/Knew it/

Scoffs with an eye roll, “Yes, I care for my own well-being; shoot me.”

The reaper stared at her for a moment. "How very... mortal of you." Kane spat, using the word 'mortal' as if it were the most hateful slur. He shot her another angry look before melting into shadow and evaporating.

Cringes, “Didn’t need to see that..”

Knew you were a witch.

"Mind your own business.."

The reaper shot her a look. "You think you were my first choice?" He snarled."Of course I thought to ask one of them before you, but... I can't. Word will get back to-" he cut himself off, his body bubbling again with rage at the thought. "Look! You have my word, my oath, my promise written in blood that I will not bring any harm to you nor anyone you care about. I will write you a binding contract if I have to." He said. He was obviously desperate.

"What good is words and contracts? Can just break ‘em in the end." has herself plenty of times. A little lie here, a torn up paper there.

"Look, I don’t want to get involved in anything. Any other time I’d jump at the chance to cause some chaos or get hooked up with some goods. But right now, I can’t risk it."

Kane bristled, his eyes widening with rage and his skin seemingly bubbling. Oh wait, it was bubbling. He attempted to regain his composure before answering. "I can assure you that not you nor anyone you personally care about will come to harm. I merely have a score to settle." He said, his voice dangerously calm.

"Your words say one thing but everything else says another.. " waves her hands, motioning to his whole self.


Little creeped out.

After some thought, she shook her head, “I d-don’t know where to get any of that. Go ask a robot.” Fuck getting involved in that mess, doesn’t need anything coming back to bite her in the ass.

"A superconductor, piano wire, and a stun gun or taser. Taser preferred." Kane said simply. "I'm willing to offer almost anything." He added, his voice making it clear that he only added it as an afterthought. He seemed to have bigger things on his mind.

Some of that is simple enough, and the payment sounds tempting, has plenty in mind.


"What for?”