Can't help but cover her mouth to keep herself from giggling. "Yer hungry? ah.. You were lookin' for food and got lost?" May be half cat, but does not speak feline as fluently as she should. Shame, would make a great secret language between her and Miu.

Eh, might as well. The cat isn’t lost though.

She stood up on her fours and started doing her best derpy-cat walk down the hall- Right left front back no side front tail! Left..

Well, at least she wasn't hurting herself now. "What's got you fluffed up?" She leaned forward a little bit, moving her hood a little so she could hear better and maybe make out a few meows.

Skitches up from the floor just as her tail comes twisting around; nice air time!

She really didn’t want to be a cat anymore.

Another string of noises came out, a few understandable! Something about.. food probably.

"Woah woah, slow down! Can't understand a word yer sayin', sister." She knelt down further to examine the feline. She smelled.. familiar almost. Can't quite place it.

Cat took her bum, figuring out this sitting thing at least; quite comfortable too on her plump fuzzy belly.

She slowed her meowing, trying her best to .. enunciate her mews? How does this even work?

Can a feline looks annoyed? Yes. Yes they can.

Ah yes, found the new cat! "Hiya!" Purrs happily, not questioning her kin's choice to hang her tongue out.


How do you control the fluff-mechanism in this body?!

..Oh, its that kid.

Cat made to talk, babbling in constant mews and growls while trying to make wild gestures with her paws. She nearly toppled right over!

Smells another cat... OMG ANOTHER CAT. Skids around the facility in search for the new cat!

This, other cat, is busy trying to figure out how to walk on all fours and compensate for the tail and the plump belly.

Whiskers are maddening! And this scratchy tongue! That.. yeah, we can’t keep that in the mouth. She left it dangling out like a dog would.

Meow!Anon Behold the mighty wonders of feline grace! for one week, you shall be blessed with the most greatest blessing of all; TO BECOME A CAT.

Is already a Cat..!

No no no-! 




Stifles a giggle while watching the display of cat vs. burrito. "You alright there?" debates helping the burritofly escape its cocoon before going over to pull some of the blanket off.

And behold! The burritofly emerges from it’s little home~! Majestic, wondrous, enranged and looking ready to pounce the child.

"I'm cool with that." Still standing there. stubborn little-

Angrily untangles from the blanket.. well, she tries to! There’s a lot of flailing, and grunting. The burrito is strong!

"Got nothing better to do. Seems you don't have anything better to do, so I guess we're both stuck doing nothing."


"Why are you doing this.. I just want to take a nap. A little nap is all."

Juuust stands there. Is that the AC turning on? Probably!

Rolls a bit to check if she’s still there..


"What are you doing? I mean seriously. Did you want something..?" the earlier uncomfortable warmth is slowly leaving; great. Just great. Fucking fantastic.