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((OC blog for Catherine Tye. Found more commonly on the floors of Aperture Science or raiding a food storage.

Known to most by Cat, Test Subject #12236, or O.S Tye; operating under Breen or whoever would pay her the most.

Hide your men.

Will RP with any fandom, just shoot her an ask. I'm open for anything~))
pensive-harpy sent: *quietly slips out*

*will have to thank you properly when she’s done making stupid noises*

pensive-harpy sent: Yeah, you're welcome.

*too busy making cutsie noises to respond further*

pensive-harpy sent: *hands her the carefully crafted clothes*

*takes them slowly* I didn’t think you’d actually make them.

*has a tiny hat, and tiny shoes- look how fucking cute they are!*

*almost has a tearful squeal at the little booties* Thanks a ton! .. So tiny.

pensive-harpy sent: I have your doll clothes.

Doll clothes..?


Yeah? *perks up*

pensive-harpy sent: Hey.


Anonymous sent: ♟ Jealous

((Having better material items is a big one, a tad ingrained. Having food if she doesn’t.

Honestly if you’re a woman, there’s a 80% chance she’ll be jealous regardless.))

((Self-conscious; Not much makes her feel that way, but pointing out scars is a sure way of doing it.))

Anonymous sent: ☺ Happy, ★ Awed/Impressed, ☂ Embarrassed

((Happy; friends, family; or memories of. Food. Sex- not together.. Nerds with beards.

Awe/Impressed; Being able to scrap and take a hit with a boss.

Embarrassed; ironically, getting her to blush. Pointing out any ‘fails’ when it comes to her escapades.))

Send me a symbol, and I’ll tell you a surefire way to make my character feel…


☺ Happy

☹ Sad

✂ Angry

➳ Scared

☤ Disgusted

♯ Annoyed

♬ Excited

☂ Embarrassed

★ Awed/Impressed

☢ Worried

☯ Calm

♟ Jealous

♛ Confident

♭ Self-conscious

Anonymous sent: A little basket of shortbread cookies were left by the door. [Happy Passover! -M. Andrasko]


*nibbles on one mouse-like* .. *is good!*