Claude chuckled at that.

"I doubt that will be too terribly difficult. You could just run at him, spit an insult, and run. He’ll give chase if he hates you that much."

Certainly do-able! There was a tingly feeling in his circuits.

"Whenever you’re ready, I’ll follow. I’d be willing to take a guess that it’s either in the showers, in the kitchen, or in his own room."

"Well he did tried to kill me at one point, pretty sure he still hates me enough." she grinned mischievously, this would be PERFECT. Revenge for her arm~! Payback, pure payback. He could be punished in place of Logic for the bullet hole in her leg as well. Logic has been cool enough to feed her, after all. .. It made sense in her head anyways.

"We should go, like right now. I got nothing better to do. .. I did say I wanted his arm right? You want his arm? Ehhh he has two." chuckles sweetly and takes Claude’s arm.



"None taken~ I’m Carbon 60 compared to his tin."

Bad, baaaad joke…

"That would work—I do hit harder than you. Just make sure you can run fast enough."


"The head would only incapacitate his senses—that’s not what we want here. An AI will continue to function without it. Here in Aperture, an android’s OS is in its core. We all have one in different places.

"For example, your friend in the morgue has one on his chest, as does that useless Intelligence Sphere that thing is married to. Anger’s is on his back. Mine isn’t anywhere on my body—that’s why I can be destroyed and just pop back up again. Make sense?"

The joke went over her head, and she listened to the tiny lecture of important tidbits.

"Huh. Never knew. Fuck, if I of known that before I could of wasted him when I had the chance." would still have an arm! Then again if she did destroy him then, Logic probably would of killed her soon enough..

Eh, naw.

"This sounds doable." such quiet excitement. "I can run pretty fast, it’s just finding him alone, or getting him alone.." there’s much to think on!


((I made a draw

I kinda wanna post the draw

lemme just burn it and destroy all evidence first.))

((Post yes okay.))



Cat had a hard time trying to make eye contact with John, she seemed to be thinking about the whole situation and trying to find words.

"Well.." she shrugged her hands a bit, the restraints clacking against the bar, "Sorry, to.. you know, getting ya’ in a mess." At least she didn’t seem too terribly worried, she was probably in a few situations like this prior, just normal bullshit.

Still didn’t mean she wasn’t at least a little worried.

John gave her a small smile, knowing this wasn’t any acting and she was genuinely sorry. He decided to leave the man he was talking to alone and concentrate more on Cat. They needed each other right now.

"It’s fine, I didn’t know, you couldn’t know, mistakes happen. It’s in the past." He then gave her his usual friendly comforting smile, hopefully comforting to them both. John was a little worried as well. What if they decided to execute her, or worse?

She tried to give him a smile as well in trade, offering only a weak smirk, “It’s not in the past just yet.” At least she knew John wasn’t much in trouble, he’ll get off easy and just, fit right in. “This is a good chance for you, mhm. You wouldn’t need to go back to Aperture. You could stay with these guys and do whatever it is ‘the good guys’ do.” finding it a little amusing she managed a chuckle, which only got her a colder glare from member sitting across from them. 

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. *has mirrors and flash lights and stuff, well packed! waves her off and then runs off himself*

*he could of shared.. she’ll be fine though*

*morgue is full of spare parts for them, really good hiding spot?* Keep yourself safe. Remember, keep your eyes on them, and don't blink.

Ugh, got it. You too, okay? Don’t want to come back up here and find you missing a leg or something. *one more glance to the bot and she got a move on*

You and I are full of spare parts, easy to install, it's almost the same. *shudders and shakes it off* Get it to GLaDOS and make a deal with her. The box for Marine's sanity. As easy as that. I should check on Marine first though...

Ah well, you do that. Think I’ll go stay in the morgue. Pretty sure Morbid has his stuff secure. *probably should get herself and arm looked at anyways*

It's no upgrade for them, it's a downgrade. Why replace something android with something human? *hits his forehead with his hand* Oh! Oh, yes! Of course! They need repairs! They are old and broken, so they use whatever they can find to repair themselves! *jumps up, leaves the android alone*

Ugh. Well they should use other robots. I ain’t got spare parts. *stands with him, poking at what he ripped out* Now what?

No, that doesn't make sense. *thinks about it for a second and then rips the box out* There, that should do the job too.

Why not? Either it lost it or wanted an upgrade. *chuckles at him ripping it out*

Why would an android have a human arm? *rubs the back of his head* There's too much questions here and too little answers. I got to get that box out and hope that has the answers. *continues trying to get it out. is kinda relieved they moved away from the other subject*

Same reason a human would have a robot arm? *looks at his struggle* Just kick it or something.