You uh, you okay there?

Er- *pulls hand away*

Yup! Heh. *weird cat is weird* It’s soft and shit, that’s all.

*GLaDOS's fault man! XP* *lets her touch! All should experience the glory that is her hair!*

*ruffles it, actually it feels pretty damn soft. new hair and all~*

*may be jealous. slows to weird, mesmerized petting*

*pouts playfully at her* Hey, a girl missing her hair is a /crisis/!

Haha, suppose so. *apparently a girl missing their cigerettes is as well, nut case of a bird-woman. eyes for a quick a moment in anger then grins*

That stuff grows fast too, *reaches to touch* Luuuucky.

*shows pixies cut* It's growin'!


Oh! *chuckles* .. That’s actually pretty cute.

You’re welcome. *smug*

*squeaks a bit**this felt and looked SO weird* I wonder what we would look like approaching? *laughs* Me walking on my hands grabbing everything and you with a blanket attached? *turns herself upright and turns to face the ground-yup,she's a balloon*

He probably won’t be too shocked, ain’t like we can go a week without some weird shit going on.

*watches her kind of float there. wonders if she’ll pop with a little poke with a knife*

*laughs to herself*

*grabs it, wraps it around her arm* Okay! I think I'm light- that's one benefit being... small. And the reverse gravity setting I put in isn't the same as normal gravity- just enough to float me up here.*will REALLY need to thank her after this*


*why not. starts reeling it in some. surprisingly light*

Could ask John to piggy back ya’ around like a little kid. *chuckles*

*blinks and shakes her head for a second, this was too silly* How the hell do I get myself in these messes? Sure, I think that'll work. *hopes it wont rip* Umm... so, when I go up- down, I mean- how exactly do I stay there and what do I hold on too?

*tosses it up to her to catch* I don’t know. IF I can pull you down, you could um, hold onto things, or something.

*is going to put much effort into yanking her down if it’s too hard though, you might be on your own*

Maybe... I need to find it first. *looks at the door**frowns* I'm to short too have to watch my head anywhere.*mumbles**doesnt like being tiny* Watching my feet... that's new. Umm... *steps in**wow this was so weird* People look funny upside down~

Naw, people look funny period. *makes light. starts digging through the desk’s drawer, should be something to use around here*

Ah, erm. Well.. *didn’t find anything it seems. yanks the thin blanket off the bed* Catch?

That sounds good! *grateful either way* Although... I need to find and fix the machine to... you know, too not feel like I'm upside down the rest of my life. *fidgets fingers* I kind of lost it when I came here. *whoops*

Can’t help ya’ there.. maybe John can help you fix it. *hmphs, little shit is totally hiding something. too smart*

*opens her vault door and.. looks up at her* I’d say watch your head but um, watch your feet?