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Cat was making her way to the next trap, hoping beyond hope this one managed to catch something. Who knew missing out on the opportunity to off  a rabbit would be so depressing. That’s a whole meal right there! Gone!

She sighed, coming up on the next trap, this one in the bushes.

John had scored a meal at least, and all was going smooth. No wild animals near, maybe a deer out there somewhere, trampling around. Birds in the trees doing bird things. The sound off in the distance could of been those deer, quiet twig snapping, crunching of leaves.

John watched his surrounding, but indeed though that the twig snapping and the crunching of leaves would be the cause of animals walking around. It made he relieved, knowing that nature always found it’s way through destruction and war. Not without scars of course…

He made his way over to the next trap and saw that this one was empty. He looked around for a new fresh spot to place the trap and saw a nice dry green spot. He took the trap and the white piece of cloth and started setting it up on the spot he though would be good.

The sound of what he assumed was wildlife stopped after to drew a little closer to man (who was being cool enough to place the trap AND cloth in a better spot). A flutter of noisy birds fled suddenly before the sound of something metallic clicked from nearby.

"Aight, put it down and arms up!" A man, well, three, stood out from behind the bigger tree trunks with their weapons aimed. Their clothing suggest it was all put together in haste with whatever they could find, mismatched and well worn. His voice though, it wasn’t at all too terribly threatening, but still as serious as the moment called for.

Cat? Well, she was still a few traps out, she may of heard the talking, and even the approach, but at the moment she wasn’t seen or heard of.

marinescientist asked: *wants to punch something*

"Jerky trucks!" ppfft!

marinescientist asked: Jerky trucks.

Might be laughing too hard at that!

marinescientist asked: Oh you know, drugs, manhacks, stun batons, goons.

Laughs, “It’s not cheating, it’s using whats available to me. You’re just jealous that I have all the cool toys~”

marinescientist asked: *grumbled* Truly threatening. No toys to cheat with this time.

How exactly was there cheating?

marinescientist asked: *humdrum death threat* Yeah, yeah stuff it.

Sticks her tongue out at her, meant that as immaturely as possible.

marinescientist asked: Fuckery fuck fuck fuck. *muttered curses grew louder as she catches back up with you* Where are you going to look for her, safety in numbers. Not that you wouldn't shove me into a death trap, dirty traitor.

Makes a face as soon as she’s caught up with, “Thought you said you knew all her spots, and .. yeah.. pretty sure you’d do the same, which if you try it, I’ll save the androids the trouble and kill you myself.” gives a bored glare, yes yes traitor yadda yadda.

somekindofmiu asked: "Was waiting here for someone to come 'round." Was totally NOT following the hunterlady. Nope. Not at all. "I was wonderin' what everyone's so hyped up about? Everyone's runnin' around like something bad happened." Been spying on people. naughty kitty.

Rubs at her nose; ugh.

"Yeah, stupid happened.” runs a flinger under her eye, the fuck- *sneeze*

somekindofmiu asked: Pops up from outta nowhere! Must be that cat stealth. "Hey! Watcha doin'?"

Nearly screams, or has something resembling a heart attack-


"Fff- .. Shit, where did you come from?"